OCR Translator 2.3 1 Saturday, September 23, 2017

Obtain translation of words from any application, including web browsers, e-mails, documents, images, non-editable PDF, simply by pointing the mouse cursor over them.
OCR Translator is a word translator built with optical character recognition technology, and is designed for students of languages that are bored with the repetitive and unproductive task of getting opening translators or alternating windows to translate terms.
Without having to connect to the internet, and with a clean and hassle free interface, you no longer need to click, key or select words to be translated, and can finally focus their efforts on what matters most, your reading, your work.

What's new in version 2.3 1
Expanded vocabulary OCR Translator now offers more definitions in its translation. 2. Translation for various languages Now you can translate a term for up to 6 languages at once into the same Pop-Up. 3. Model-based POP-up windows We expanded this possibility so that you can use your favourite model with colors, size and font format you want. Pop-up customization became more intuitive and friendly. Choose the model, make the fine adjustment and visualize the result in the panel. 4. OCR Engine faster and precise In this version we have perfected the OCR Engine so that you get even faster results. A time counter is now displayed at the bottom edge of the Pop-up. The accuracy is higher and detecting smaller letters. 5. Installation 3 times faster We fully alter the form of OCR Translator installation. 6. More Compact installation package Installer 37% less than the previous version of the product.
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